Friday, June 17, 2016

Feature & Follow Friday: Most Lurked Websites

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5 Websites That You Love to Lurk Around That Are Not Shopping Sites

  • Facebook - I do love Facebook and spend way too much time lurking on it. I like that I can see what my friends share, but also that I can like all sorts of pages and keep up to date on anything from gossip, movies, books, news, bloggers, actors, hobbies, so on and so on. Facebook keeps me in the know!
  • Goodreads - I mean, of course, right? I go here for everything book related, pretty much. Plus I participate in reading challenges. Goodreads is a must!
  • Netflix - I love TV and movies as much as I do books and Netflix is a little slice of heaven. And hell, I suppose. Binging on season after season of shows is definitely a bit of both, right? 
  • Archive of Our Own - This is my favourite fanfiction website. I read a little fanfic every day, I just adore it. 
  • Tumblr - This one is something of a guilty pleasure, because when I feel like procrastinating I can waste hours browsing fandom gifs and artwork on Tumblr. It's where I go when I'm feeling a little obsessed with something and can't resist the pretties. 

Do you lurk at any of these websites? Which sites made your list? Recommend a new place for me to lurk!! I like that word. Lurk. It's a little creepy and funny all in one!


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