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Review: Infinite by Jodi Meadows

Title: Infinite
Author: Jodi Meadows
Series: Nosoul, Book Three
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publication Date: 10 March 2015
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The Year of Souls begins with an earthquake—an alarming rumble from deep within the earth—and it’s only the first of greater dangers to come. The Range caldera is preparing to erupt. Ana knows that as Soul Night approaches, everything near Heart will be at risk.

Ana’s exile is frightening, but it may also be fortuitous, especially if she can convince her friends to flee Heart and Range with her. They’ll go north, seeking answers and allies to stop Janan’s ascension. And with any luck, the newsouls will be safe from harm’s reach.

The oldsouls might have forgotten the choice they made to give themselves limitless lifetimes, but Ana knows the true cost of reincarnation. What she doesn’t know is whether she’ll have the chance to finish this one sweet life with Sam, especially if she returns to Heart to stop Janan once and for all.

With gorgeous romance and thrilling action, the final book in the Incarnate trilogy offers a brilliant conclusion to the compelling questions of this fascinating world, where one new girl is the key to the lives of millions.
(summary from Goodreads)

Everything I enjoyed about this series came together in a fitting finale.

This is what I wanted when reading Asunder - more! More creatures, more magic, more fight, more answers. Infinite starts strong and keeps on moving, it's the adventure I'd been hoping for. Meadows finally takes us out further through Range, far from Heart as Ana searches for answers and a way to stop Janan from ascending. I loved that we finally left the drama and prejudice of Heart behind. I was so over it! Sure, some drama still came along for the ride, mostly in Stef's bitchiness and Sam's wallowing, because what's a story without some drama, right? But I felt like Ana, Sam and company were finally doing something other then rehashing the same old tired stuff and I'm glad for it. Mostly because intrigue and magical creatures! Sylph, centaurs and dragons, oh my! Infinite shows us just how oblivious the people of Heart have been under Janan's 'protection' and how awesome Meadows' world building is. I loved meeting the dragons - they're sassy and that was the greatest. I love sass always, but sassy dragons? Meadows, I adore you. For this alone I love Infinite, but Meadows also pairs it with battles, loss, romance and powerful music in a way that is fast paced and engrossing. I barely put Infinite down once I started. Everything is connected and comes full circle in Infinite. I was disappointed with Janan's final showdown though. Sure, he was as creepy as ever, but nothing really epic happened and in a way I'm torn. I was hoping for something more, I guess, but at the same time, Meadows' whole series has had a slow burn, a low thrumming tension, and the climax does suit that.

I still wish the people of Heart got a bigger comeuppance though. I suppose the glimpses we got of Heart and their treatment under Deborl's rule after Ana and Sam escaped sure taught them and the reveal of the truth of their reincarnation was something, but I'm vindictive. I wanted a bigger punch. I got so, so mad about their small minded intolerance, I can't help but be petty, I guess. That last chapter though mostly cured me of my negativity because "awwww". I was too busy squeeing to care anymore! Neat trick, Meadows. Ana has been consistently strong and amazing throughout this series and I love how true to herself she remained in Infinite. Her belief was inspiring, even when she floundered she was determined to follow her instincts. I do wish Sam had have shaped up a little more. The knowledge of the power he unknowingly wielded was cool and yet it was still Ana making the final stand! Sam is sweet and beautiful, a kind soul, and I heart him, but I would've liked to see him make his own stand too. I'd also hoped for some confrontation between Stef and him. For all his goodness, he wasn't very good at sticking up for Ana. After Asunder a confrontation felt imminent, but nothing happened unfortunately. I guess this is where my vindictiveness still comes into play. Ana fought not just Janan and the people of Heart's discrimination, but some seriously harsh judgement from those close to her too. It felt to me there needed to be a little more resolution than just that of the reincarnation, Janan, and Ana and Sam's relationship. Just something tiny, but something! But hey, what we did get was fantastic. The big things come together quite nicely. Plus, sassy dragons!

Full of action, adventure and heart, Infinite is a great end to a unique series.



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