Friday, December 25, 2015

Feature & Follow Friday: Best Christmas Present Ever

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What was the best Christmas present (or other holiday gift) you ever received?

Aw, man, I'm not sure I can pick! I always love every gift I receive. Some people tell me I'm easy to buy for because of that reason, but I also get told I'm the hardest to buy for - mostly because I own a lot of stuff already...or I see something I like and buy it for myself! I'm a bit of a hoarder, I admit. Everything has sentimental value though!

Let me think, let me think. There's the big pressies, like my iPad and smart camera - I adore those. Or my special boxed BluRay edition of the Harry Potter collection! I will forever love my Lego Ewok Village - because it's awesome, but mostly because it's the last gift my younger brother gave me. I also treasure my Pandora bracelet. My parents bought it for me a few years ago and they and others have gifted me charms for it ever since. Every single one has meaning to me for that reason. Plus, I gifted myself my adorable Westie, Finn, for Christmas in 2008 and that totally counts, right?

Can you pick a favourite holiday gift? If so, tell me about it!

Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog. Merry Christmas!


  1. You won me over at the Harry Potter mention. We shall be great friends! Also, the Pandora bracelet is #winning!

    New GFC, bloglovin, GR and Twitter follower!

    My FF
    Punkie @Fluttering Hearts Reviews

    1. I believe you're right, Punkie! Harry Potter is definitely the best friendship test! ;-) Thank you so much! :-D

  2. I have realized I am kind of hard to buy for, not so much because I buy it for myself, but because I just don't know what to tell people. I'm not one of those who works all year on making my "list," ya know? This year, one year post fiance break-up, I did treat myself...well. :) I request to come over and have a Harry Potter marathon and play with your Ewok village! I always liked the Ewoks when I was little.

  3. I think all of your presents like great ones! But I think your Westie wins (even though it's hard to top Harry Potter anything or a personalize charm bracelet :P). Even if you gifted him to yourself, he's your confidant, friend, and family. That's priceless.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Aawwe, I always wanted a Westie as well, but then got his complete opposite, a shiny black dog, instead when I was 14.

    Your Lego Ewok village sounds SO cool. I'd still play with that any time! :3 Happy holidays and reading!~

    Old follower (Anne @ Inked Brownies)

  5. What great gifts! Hope you had a great Christmas this year!

    My FF:

  6. Pandora is fun because you can always add to it, the modern equivalent of a charm bracelet :-)

  7. Yeah, both the big things and the smaller things are pretty awesome gifts! Old GFC follower! Late Merry Christmas! Happy reading!

  8. Oh, WOW, you've gotten some really NICE gifts!! Although I will always prefer books as gifts, I wouldn't mind a Pandora bracelet! Those are GORGEOUS!! And it's so satisfying to get charms for it, because they do have sentimental value.

    You know, you're like me, because I'm a hoarder, too. EVERYTHING has some sort of sentimental value for me, so there are things I just can't get rid of, even if I no longer need them. So I can definitely relate. And this is especially true of books!

    Well, a belated Merry Christmas to you, and Happy New Year! (At least this one is ahead of

    Thanks so much for commenting on my own FF post!! <3 : )

  9. That's a lot of really fantastic presents, Baggins! They seem all the more powerful because I can feel in your words how important some of them are to you. I'd be a fan of the Harry Potter set or Ewok Village myself. (As you can see, I'm way behind on answering my FF messages from last week.) Already a follower on Twitter.