Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Thanksgiving Freebie

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme started over at The Broke and The Bookish. Each week they have a specific topic for a top ten list. Link up, visit some new blogs and add to your ever growing TBR list! This week's topic is:

Thanksgiving Freebie!

Because I liked the suggestions made for this week's Top Ten Tuesday freebie, I've decided to do more than one!

Top Five Books I'm Thankful For

  • The Day After Forever hit me hard when I first read it in high school. It's since been a much adored book and is one that started my love of contemporary fiction.
  • Harry Potter is a no brainer, really. It is my all time favourite and always will be.
  • The Hunger Games got me into YA. When I was in school, YA wasn't really a thing. When I first started seeing YA books and becoming intrigued, this book was the one that completely hooked me in. There's been no turning back since.
  • Just Listen was the first Sarah Dessen book I read. From there I went back to read her others and she's become one of my most favourite authors.
  • A Walk to Remember for much the same reason as above. It was my first Nicholas Sparks and he too has become a favourite. I just adore his books so this will always have a special place in my heart.

Five Fictional Families I'd Like to Celebrate Thanksgiving With
As we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, I'd simply like to celebrate it one time anyways!

  • The Weasley's - A weird choice, I know, seeing as they wouldn't celebrate Thanksgiving either, but still. If they did, it'd be awesome. Such a rowdy and loving family! And I can imagine the cooking Molly would do, so yes, please!
  • The Pitch's - Again, as above, a weird choice. But whatever! In Carry On, Simon celebrates Christmas with the Pitch's and it's such a formal affair. I imagine if they celebrated Thanksgiving it'd be the same. Plus, haunted castle like setting, so woo!
  • The Mellark/Everdeen's - Mostly because they're on my mind after watching Mockingjay Part 2. It'd be small and beautiful.
  • The Avengers - Granted, not technically a family, but I say it counts. Oh, the fun! If only this could happen.
  • The Firefly crew - It definitely counts! They're a family! And I choose a pre-Serenity celebration, thanks. Thanksgiving in space? Um, yes.
Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it...and Happy End of November to those who don't? Please share your Top Ten Tuesday post in the comments so I can have a look!

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  1. I listed families I'd like to spend Thanksgiving with, too, and the Weasley's topped my list! I should have added The Avengers to mine... :)

    Check out my TTT.