Friday, November 20, 2015

Feature & Follow Friday: Teleport into a Story

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If you could teleport into ANY story, which would you choose?

HARRY POTTER! Of course. Always. See above? That's me years and years (many years!) ago ready to catch the Hogwarts Express! I'm actually getting depressed that I can't teleport to Hogwarts now...

I'm trying to think of any others, just to flesh this out a little! I wouldn't mind visiting Middle Earth, so Lord of the Rings for sure. Can I choose The Avengers? Oh, to check out a world with superheroes! I wouldn't mind visiting the world of Magonia either. Flying ships and bird people! Need I go on?

What story would you choose to teleport into?


  1. Avangers! Yes, my Thor...
    And Elves are so cool!

  2. OOh nice!! Dying to go to Hogwarts myself! Even in theme park form! I chose HP as well, because duh! LOL! But I also threw in another world just to spice it up! ;)

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    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Love all your suggestions! Plus thinking now that I want to transport into the Marvel world during Agent Carter's time. Because the women in there kick ass!

    New follower on Twitter and Bloglovin'! My FF :)

  4. Harry Potter yes!!! Lord of the Rings would diffidently be interesting. :)

  5. You have picked two of my VERY FAVORITE fictional worlds -- Hogwarts and Middle Earth!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both of them, and would happily spend the rest of my life going from one to the other! In fact., I think it would be GREAT fun if the hobbits could visit Hogwarts with Gandalf! Dumbledore and Gandalf could exchange tricks of the trade, and Harry and his friends could give the hobbits rides on their broomsticks. Then Harry, Hermione, and Ron could visit with the elves in Rivendell, and help defeat that evil dude, Sauron. What a blast!!

    Thanks for sharing, and happy reading!! : )