Monday, November 30, 2015

Bookish Outings: Supanova Brisbane

Over the weekend I attended Supanova and had a blast! I was lucky enough to meet authors Isobelle Carmody, Lynette Noni, Trudi Caravan, C.S. Pacat and Sarah J. Maas, as well as actor Matthew Lewis of Harry Potter! Yay!

Isobelle Carmody is best known for her Obernewtyn series, though I have yet to read them. I recently read Scatterlings for book club and so we had a little chat about it. Turns out her daughter is the model on the cover!

I had a really lovely chat with Lynette Noni, author of Akarnae. She is such a sweetheart! She gave me a bookmark and had a bag full of Potentials (that is, in her book, students are tested on their potential to succeed at certain activities and placed in appropriate classes). I'm in Delta Archery with Jordan and Bear, woo! Lynette was also giving out lolly pops which my Mum appreciated.

I didn't get any photos with Trudi Caravan and C.S. Pacat, unfortunately. It was so great to meet them. I haven't actually read any of Trudi's books yet but I've been recommended Thief's Magic a few times, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to grab it there and have it signed. C.S. Pacat was at the Penguin Australia booth, where I went looking for a book to read on the train home that night. See, I spend 3 days at Supanova and travel almost 2 hours by train to get there and back each day. I didn't realise how far I'd gotten through my current read on Friday and so finished it on Saturday morning. I needed something to survive the journey home and the ever awesome Felicity recommended Pacat's books, the first two of her Captive Prince Trilogy, and again, I took the opportunity to get them signed. So, so glad for this because I devoured her first book that night and started the second on Sunday!

It was amazing to meet Sarah J. Maas, she is adorable! She loved my rainbow hair and wanted to know exactly how I did it. I asked her if I could marry Lucien from A Court of Thorns and Roses and am happy to report she said yes! She wants Rhys, so if I have Lucien there's no trouble between us. But sorry to any Rhys fans out there - Sarah's called dibs! Sarah was very popular of course, and so her line was always so very busy, but I was lucky enough to catch her late Sunday when it was much quieter. So I got to have a photo with her and have another chat. I asked if she's always known how she wants her series's to end and who it is she wants her heroine's to end up with romantically. It's a yes to both. In terms of the Throne of Glass series, she's had many endings over the years (she started writing it when she was 16!) but has a definite ending she is working towards now. As for the romance, she doesn't want that to be a focus at the end, and told me that she's satisfied with how she left it in Queen of Shadows. She didn't go into detail as I haven't read it yet but now I'm very intrigued!

I attended one author panel while I was at Supanova called Creating Kick-Ass Characters. The author's were Kimberley Clark, Lynette Noni, Melanie Casey and Sarah J. Maas. It was an interesting panel, each author talking about what makes characters kick-ass, how it's not just physicality, and in what ways each of their characters are kick-ass, who their favourite kick-ass characters are, and so on.

Figured I'd share my photo op with Matthew Lewis! Technically it's book related, right? Neville Longbottom, yay!

That's a wrap on Supanova. Well, the bookish parts of it anyways! There's so much going on at conventions and it is always the best fun. Have you been to such conventions? What authors have you met? What authors would you like to meet?