Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hiatus apologies: No computer!

I just want to pass along my apologies for the blog being quiet the last few days! My computer broke down on Thursday and while I've booked it in to be serviced, whatever the problem is it's taking a few days. Hopefully I'll have it back in a day or so and things will get back on track!

I had hoped I'd be able to make do with my iPad, however today is the first day I've been able to log in for some reason...I don't know whether it's my iPad or Blogger! I do know that I can't upload pictures or format quite well - just spent a frustrating hour trying to figure it out, to no avail! So things will remain quiet here until my beloved computer is feeling better...fingers crossed it's real soon!

Again, I'm sorry, and thanks for understanding!


  1. I think I'd die without my computer!

    x D

    1. This makes me feel better, Dave! Haha! I couldn't believe how lost I felt without it!!