Monday, January 9, 2012

Fun Stuff: Harry Potter Window Decoration

One of my besties, Dave, celebrated her birthday over the weekend, and I wanted to show you guys one of the gifts I gave her - a Harry Potter themed window decoration!

I made it!!! Though I can't help but nitpick a little, I'm very proud of it. Plus, Dave really loved it, I'm happy to report! She actually took the above picture for me - I adore her photography!

I got the idea thanks to an I Heart Monster post about DIY bookish gift ideas, which had a link to making the origami star. It's made out of pages from The Philospher's Stone and The Prisoner of Azkaban, which I found at a second hand bookstore...I still had to close my eyes as I began tearing pages out though!! I'm so pleased with how the star turned out - I'm not quite good enough at origami to purposefully have certain words showing, but you can see 'Hermione Granger', 'Petunia', 'Cupboard Under the Stairs', 'cauldron', and I know on the other side there's 'Mr H. Potter', 'Snape', and 'Griphook', for example. From there I added the beads - Gryffindor colours, of course! - and a Snitch, which I got from Etsy (an idea I got because Dave bought me a Snitch necklace for my birthday!). The stone in the middle of the star was a lucky find - it's red with gold through it, so matched the Gryffindor theme, but I've also dubbed it the Philosopher's Stone! Oh, how I love Harry Potter!

All in all, this only took me a few hours to make - over a few days, though, as I collected bits and pieces - and it became a perfect gift! I'm thinking I might have to make more...

What do you think? Are there any bookish type gifts you love or have made?


  1. I love, love, LOVE this! It is currently hanging in the window next to my writing desk, so I see it all the time :D

    x D

  2. I love, love, LOVE it!

    It's currently hanging in the window next to my writing desk, so I can see it all the time :)

    x D

    1. I'm glad you liked it...I haven't made any more, but I'm definitely planning to! I liked how it turned out! :-D