Monday, December 12, 2011

Author Event: Becca Fitzpatrick's Black Hand Ball

On Saturday I attended the Black Hand Ball here in Brisbane, hosted by Becca Fitzpatrick and Simon & Schuster! It was an amazing night, lots of fun, and unlike any other author event I've been to. All authors should throw parties when they tour Oz!

The State Library of Queensland was the perfect place to hold this Ball. The event room was gorgeous, done up with red, black and silver balloons. It also opened onto an undercover veranda, which was nice. Personally, I loved the mirrored ceiling, and the Patch and Nora letters were a perfect touch! There was also lots of room for dancing, which was needed as the night wore on - especially when the classics, like the Macarena, the Time Warp, and Nutbush City Limits started playing!

We - my Mum decided to make a night of it too! - were greeted by two Fallen Angels as we entered and waiters with mocktails. The Fallen Angels were a huge hit, of course! Though so young! Not that that deterred my mother, who is, to put it bluntly, a pervy old lady (she liked one of the waiters, a cute blonde and blue eyed German student, who I didn't get a photo of, though I did see him posing for some!)...and I take after her! I nicknamed the Angels "Smiles" and "Tanned & Tattooed", and boy did they provide giggles! I asked them how they got the job, and Smiles said he applied online...while T&T grinned and told us he was a stripper. You should have seen my Mum's face! She didn't know whether to be shocked or gleeful...she decided on the latter, which is how I ended up with T&T on my lap. Just...yeah.

Becca was so, so lovely! She came around and mingled early on in the evening, and I was a little nervous at first when we chatted, but she is really easy to talk to, as was Annabelle, one of the organisers (She may be more, I'm not sure. She was so great!) It was like we were old friends! We chatted about the Angels, and how old they made us feel - we decided in future it'd be a good idea to hire Angels in their 30s and 40s too, just to even it out! This led to a discussion about how YA appeals to adults and teens alike, but that Becca is still caught out, as some readers want her to write sex scenes, while others, like younger teens or parents, like that she doesn't. We agreed that our imaginations were good enough and we certainly could fill in the blanks about what happened off page! I also told them about The Mephisto Covenant by Trinity Faegen, which has a surprise sex scene - both Becca and Annabelle were interested in checking it out!

Later, Becca stood at a podium and told us some stories about how she started writing and the rejections she received; about asking a boy to a dance when she was a teenager and how she incorporated it into Crescendo (the "don't be a wiener" scene between Scott and Nora!); and hinted at what's in store for Patch and Nora in the yet untitled 4th books. She also said that anyone who can think of a title should email her, and if she decides to use it you'll get a mention in the acknowledgements! She then presented a little video from Patch - who is gorgeous, right?! - who was sad to miss us and told us to expect great things from the next book. Becca then did her signing, before chatting and dancing the rest of the night away!

I got my copies of Crescendo and Silence signed, as well as a pair of wings my Mum had commandeered from somewhere! Becca had a good laugh over the fact that Tanned & Tattooed was a stripper, and that my Mum had him sit on my lap. Becca really is brilliant, so nice to talk to! I had a lovely night! Before we left we were given a goody bag that contained copies of Smoulder by Brenna Yovanoff and The Future of Us by Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler! Yay!

Have you met Becca Fitzpatrick? Or did you attend another Black Hand Ball around Australia?

Note: Apologies for the blurry photos! I remembered on the train that I'd forgotten my camera, and so my iPhone had to do!


  1. Aww, that sounds so much fun! I wish I can go to an event like this some time, it would be so awesome. :D I haven't met any author at all, but I have plenty I would love to meet! Even if I admit to being a tiny bit jealous (Lol!), I'm so glad for you to experience it! Just awesome. :)

  2. @Rebecca Thanks so much, Rebecca! I understand what you're feeling. Before this year I'd never attended such author events either! I hope you get to meet the one's you love soon! :-D