Friday, October 28, 2011

The Hunger Games Movie News: Character Posters

Today exclusive The Hunger Games character posters were revealed throughout all different websites! Have you seen them? I think they look awesome and as usual, they've built my excitement even more! Come on March!!

KATNISSvia Yahoo!

via MTV

via Moviefone


via MSN

via EW

via IGN

via Fandango

I love that Katniss stands out as she's looking in the opposite direction. What do you think?


  1. When I go to cinema I want to see them myself!! omg! Im going to steal Peeta's poster hohohohohoho!!!! yummy!
    thanks for sharing!! =D

  2. Now I REALLY have to read this series. lol! I don't know who any of these characters are, but Rue's poster stands out the most for me - it really makes me interested to know who she is and find out her story.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. @Natalia Belikov @ DazzlingReads Haha, I'm with you, Natalia! Can definitely see some of these posters...namely Peeta and Gale...on my walls! I hope my cinema gets them! :-D

  4. @Colleen You really must! It's a great series! I love Rue (and adore her poster!)...I'm sure you will too!

    Hope you can read the books soon! :-D

  5. Love this series! Can't wait for the movies!


  6. Ahhhh!!!!! I love it...I love it...I love it!!! Thanks so much for putting these up. I am sooo looking forward to March!!! I want each and every one on my wall. I especially love the one for effie and cinna, the pink on her...the eyeshadow on him!!! So exciting!!

  7. LOVE!!!! SO exciting!!!

    I love that Katniss is looking the opposite way to everyone else.

    I wonder why Rue is looking down?

    x D

  8. @My anxious life Me either! It's going to be amazing! :-D

  9. @Sherre Yes! I was so excited to see Effie and Cinna's for a glimpe of their makeup! They are all spectacular, and I too would love to have each one of them on my wall!

  10. @:: Lavender's Green :: They're brilliant, right? I'm so glad that Lionsgate are doing so fantastic with everything! They're really building the anticipation and I don't think any fan of the books - or even non-fans - are going to be disappointed.

    I think the posters suit the character's stories. Katniss looking in the opposite direction is not only perfect because it has her stand out, but because she does look at things another way...if that makes any sense! Lol! As for Rue, her looking down works for me because of how young and innocent she the rest of her story. My heart catches looking at it.

    So. Much. Love. :-D