Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun Stuff: How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

A few weeks ago, for a Follow Me Friday post, I had to answer what book or series I'd change the ending of if given the chance. One of my answers was Harry Potter, namely to save Severus Snape.

Now, my brother has had me watching YouTube clips called How It Should Have Ended. Basically, they're animated shorts that take various movies and show us how it should have ended. They've done a lot, including Twilight, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Captain America, Thor, The Dark Knight, etc, etc.

The other day I saw this - How Harry Potter Should Have Ended. I think it's hilarious, which is mostly the point, and not entiely feasible, but it's worth the laughs.

It's at least given me part of the ending I wanted!

If you enjoy this, definitely check out their other videos. I especially like their superhero versions, like Superman, The Dark Knight, Thor, Iron Man, & Captain America. Not all of them make much sense to in I don't see much of a difference to the ending...but my brother tells me I'm simply overthinking it, as usual! Mostly I just love the parts where Superman, Batman, & co. chat in the diner! Worth a watch for that alone I think.


  1. I love Neville "I'm awesome!" If only Snape could have lived. Sigh.

  2. Oh that was amazing. I have so many ideas how this series could have ended but I love the way it did. The video was great...

  3. @MamaMunky That's one of my faves! I cracked up - Neville is awesome! ;-) Snape's snark is great too...I feel you, I wish he could've lived! :-(

  4. @Martina Koleva It's interesting to see how others might have ended it...I just want Snape to have lived so badly! I'm glad you enjoyed the video! :-D