Friday, October 28, 2011

Follow Me Friday! (13)

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Q. If you could have dinner with your favorite book character, who would you eat with and what would you serve?

My answer is from Harry Potter again, as usual. Snape is my favourite character, but imagining having dinner with him terrifies me! I can just see me bumbling along as I try to start a conversation and him glaring at me!! As for what I'd serve...maybe some sort of stew or soup? I really can't get past the image of him just sipping from his glass of alcoholic beverage as he looks disdainfully at me...

While not my favourite character, I think it would be really, really interesting to have dinner with Dumbledore. I'd choose him for sure! I can see us having a picnic - especially with all sorts of the weird and wonderful sweets he enjoys - as he gives me vague answers to all the questions I'd ask him. I'd love to have a real conversation with him about his past and his motivations with Harry. I reckon we could talk for hours! Sometimes I wish I could read the book Rita Skeeter wrote about him...we've only just scratched the surface with dear old Dumbledore, right?

Who would you choose to have dinner with?


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  1. I picked a Harry Potter character, too! Such a great series with a lot of wonderful and interesting characters. :)

  2. @Colleen Harry Potter is my all time fave! It's just great in every way! :-D

    You picked Luna! Awesome choice! She'd be so much fun to hang out with!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'd love to have dinner with Dumbledore too. I'd love to just sit and talk with him for hours. He's my favorite character of all time.

  4. Snape and Dumbledore, yes. Well played! I love love love your banner!!!

    New Follower!!! <3

    The Book Heroine

  5. Anyone from HP would be awesome!!

    Xpresso Reads

  6. Good picks!

    I'd choose Oliver Wood ;)

    Actually, Fred and George would be hilarious to have over for dinner!

    x D

  7. @Jenni Elyse Hours and hours is definitely what we'd need in order to cover everything I'd want to talk about, I think! Dumbledore certainly is an amazing character. :-D

  8. @The Book Heroine I could never go past a Harry Potter character! :-D

    Thanks so much!

  9. @Giselle Yes, exactly right! I can imagine dinner with any of them being an experience!

    Thanks for commenting!

  10. @:: Lavender's Green :: Mmmm, Oliver Wood! Yum! He'd be dessert, haha! ;-P

    I wouldn't be able to eat around Fred & George. Either I'd be laughing too much...or I wouldn't trust that they hadn't done something to my food!

    You know what, let's just have a huge dinner party in the Great Hall with all of the characters, yes? There'd just have to be some sort of rotation schedule so we could chat to them all! :-D