Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday (15)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Jill of Breaking the Spine! It spotlights soon to be released books that can't come quick enough!

This week I'm waiting on an Australian title that is almost due for release - I should've showcased it a while ago! I'm sure you've already heard of it...

Blood Song by Rhiannon Hart!

I wanted to turn but I was held captive by the song on the wind. I’m coming, I told the voices. Please, wait for me.

When her sister becomes betrothed to a prince in a northern nation, Zeraphina’s only consolations are that her loyal animal companions are by her side – and that her burning hunger to travel north is finally being sated.

Already her black hair and pale eyes mark her out as different, but now Zeraphina must be even more careful to keep her secret safe. Craving blood is not considered normal behaviour for anyone, let alone a princess. So when the king’s advisor, Rodden, seems to know more about her condition than she does, Zeraphina is determined to find out more.

Zeraphina must be willing to sacrifice everything if she’s to uncover the truth – but what if the truth is beyond her worst nightmares?
(summary from Goodreads)

Yay for Aussie authors! This sounds brilliant, and I can't wait to read it. I've been following Rhiannon's blog for ages, so I'm very eager! I also adore the cover!

Rhiannon Hart's Blood Song is due for release on 1 September 2011.


  1. This is on my TBR list but from what I understand it's not going to be available in the US any time soon:( I hope I'm wrong!
    Great choice. New Follower:)

  2. This cover is fabulous. WOW!

  3. This does sound enticing...thanks for sharing.

    Here's MY WOW POST

  4. Great pick. Can't wait to read this one!

  5. LOVE the cover and it sounds so good! Will definitely look into this one!! =D

  6. @Rebecca I'm not sure, but I think you're right, Rebecca. I checked The Book Depository, but it's not there, yet. There's an Australian site that ships internationally, called Fishpond, and it's available to pre-order there. I'm not sure about shipping rates though!

    I hope you don't have to wait too long!

    Thank you for stopping by and following! :-D

  7. @Karis Jacobstein It certainly is! I love it!

    Thanks for commenting!

  8. @Laurel-Rain Snow Enticing is such a great word for it! :-D

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. @Sally It sounds like a great one! I can't wait! :-)

  10. @Bailey Definitely do, it sounds fantastic! :-D

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!