Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Book Exchange: Thanks to Tipsy Reader!

Through June/July I took part in Ruby of Ruby's Reads Summer Book Exchange! Each participant created a Wishlist of books they'd love and then much like a Secret Santa exchange, each person had someone to buy them a book and someone to buy a book for!

My 'Santa' was Tipsy Reader!

Tipsy was kind enough to gift me with a book I've been very desperate to read - Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma!

When it arrived last week, I was confused as I couldn't remember ordering a book, and then when I opened it - WAH LA! I was very surprised and excited! So thanks so much, Tipsy, for being my amazing Santa! And many thanks to Ruby for hosting such a great event!

If you think this looks like all sorts of fun - which it was - then be sure to keep an eye on Ruby's Reads for her Fall Book Exchange sign up! I'll definitely be joining in again!


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