Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - No Future For You by Brian K. Vaughan et al

While Buffy is busy trying to uncover the mysterious new Big Bad known only as "Twilight," Giles takes on a mission of his own that will require a Slayer who can handle a little dirty work. He recruits the notoriously rebellious Faith for an undercover job that demands her well-known penchant for violence. She must infiltrate the estate of a rogue Slayer and put a stop to this girl's evil deeds no matter the cost.

Volume 2 of Buffy's season 8 jumps right into the thick of things, revealing a little more and throwing enough punches - both physical and emotional - to ensure readers remain on the edge of their seats, desperate for more.

This time, we're with Faith as she does her usual - the dirty work no one else can bring themselves to take care of. When Giles offers her one last mission, with a high enough payment that she can finally leave it all behind her, Faith accepts. All she has to do is kill Lady Genevieve - nobility and Slayer all wrapped up in one snotty package. Easy, right? Especially as whatever plan she has may bring about the end of the world. But what Faith actually finds in Genevieve is someone who understands her, someone who could be her best friend. When it is revealed that Genevieve's supposed world ending plot is to assassinate Buffy, Faith questions her mission. Which side will she finally choose?

When I realised that this volume was focused on Faith, I admit I was disappointed. I'm not the biggest Faith fan. In season 7 when everyone boycotted Buffy and placed Faith in charge? I was so pissed. I guess I've held a bit of a grudge. In some ways, Faith bores me - I find her attitude a bit predictable. But here? I take it back. Vaughan and co give readers some much needed insight into Faith and everything we think she is. I read this whole volume with my heart weighing me down, it was so heavy. I loved the revelations of the cracks in Faith's smart mouthed, kick ass, don't give a shit attitude. Her thoughts about Buffy and the Mayor brought tears to my eyes. The inevitable confrontation between Faith and Buffy was explosive and lays the necessary foundations to what I think will be one heck of a killer closure between the two in a future volume. I also really enjoyed Faith's moments with Giles, and their new camaraderie definitely has me intrigued. I'm truly looking forward to more Faith, for possibly the first time ever.

This was very much Faith's story, though the plot touched base with the usual gang. We meet "Twilight", a floating, masked and trench coat wearing individual, though little is actually revealed. Xander's appearances were light hearted, as expected, as he tries to get to the truth behind Dawn's giant issue (did I mention that Dawn's been turned into a giant? No? Well.) Buffy and Willow's scenes were a little more intense, as they visit a demon in the hopes of getting some answers. I truly enjoyed the revelations that we're given here. How Slayer actions are defining this new Big Bad, and the tensions between Willow and Kennedy. All of it is building for a killer story line, I can feel it - and I can't wait.

Again, I'm still liking the art. It's gritty and it's really building the world of the story.

The TV series left us with somewhat of a lighthearted hope for the gang's futures - and the existence of thousands of Slayers. This comic series season poses much deeper questions about the effects of this, and also just how this new threat may be bringing about a bigger battle than any expect - with severe consequences that don't bode well. The feeling that this is IT - the capitalised, final IT - oh, yeah, that's really got me hooked. It's warning me to expect anything and everything. But I'm the first to admit that no one can blindside me quite like Joss Whedon, can catch me by surprise, punch through my chest, rip out my heart, and simply leave me aching. So all I can do? Is brace myself. And boy, has No Future For Me left me taking a deep breath ready to read the next volume.


Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Published Year: 2008
Format: e-Galley from NetGalley


  1. I agree with with you about this volume. I've read the first 5 volumes and think this was the best of the lot.

    And about Season 7. (Kicking Buffy out of her own house?! If you Potentials like Faith so much, go and live in her house...oh, wait.) The only difference is I've always loved Faith despite it all :-)

  2. @TG I'm really enjoying this 'season'! I've put off reading it and now I'm kicking myself. Looking forward to the rest too!

    I know, right? That boycott was so not on! I do like Faith - more now, I will admit - but I've always just found her frustrating. Which is good in a way, because something's been done right if a character gets under your skin so much in any way! ;-)

    Thanks for commenting!