Friday, June 17, 2011

Giveaway: Follower Appreciation!

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I've decided to have my very first giveaway here at Baggins's Book Blabber! My number of Followers has increased from 4 to 24 in about a month, which I am so excited about, so obviously it's time to celebrate!

In honour of 24 Followers, I'm giving one (1) winner books of their choice worth up to $24US from The Book Depository. (Edit: Make that $34US!)

So if they ship to you (you can check here), you can enter! Also, as this giveaway is in celebration of my Followers, I do ask that you be a Follower of this blog to enter.

This giveaway will run for a week. It ends Friday June 24th at 11.59pm AEST. Which I believe, according to an internet timezone conversion calculator, is Friday June 24th at 9.59am EDT. The winner will be selected using

To make it interesting, for every new follower I get between now and when the giveaway ends, I will increase the total cost of books to be won by $1...but only up to $50US at the most. Does that sound good? I hope so!

Please note, you can gain one extra entry for spreading the word!


Thanks, and good luck!!


  1. Thanks for the giveaway! new follower here :)

  2. Yay!! Keep up the great work! Hope you receive double the amount of followers!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I'm an old GFC follower: Under the Covers
    alltherhage AT gmail DOT com

  3. @Under the Covers Thanks, Annie, I really appreciate it!

  4. @:: Lavender's Green :: I know you're kidding, but you totally can, Dave!