Friday, January 14, 2011

Review: Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey

Solange Drake always knew she was destined to become a vampire queen. And as the only female vampire ever born, not made, she is surrounded by danger on all sides - from vampire suitors who want to join with her lineage to bounty hunters who are set on destroying her and her family. When she is kidnapped, it's up to her older brother Nicholas and her human best friend, Lucy, to save her. But can Lucy save herself from Nicholas, who tempts her with his every look? And what will be Solange's own fate if she surrenders her to heart to the vampire hunter helping her survive the deadly intrigue at the royal court?

Let the Drake family be your guide into a secret vampire society full of epic battles, gothic seduction, undead drama, and wicked humor.

I've owned this book for a little while, but have recently been a bit off vampire narratives. But I finally had an urge to read it, and boy, am I glad I did! Once I started reading this book, I did not want to put it down - though unfortunately I did have to, so I'd get some sleep! Serves me right for starting a new book too late in the evening!

The different perspectives of Lucy and Solange made for a fun and interesting read. Lucy is human, and Solange a vampire. Each has their own adventure, and it was great to be able to experience all the action, as it were. Plus, it made for double the romance, and I can't help but like that! Though for me, Solange and Kieran's romance was lacking, just a little - only in the sense that I wanted more of it! I miss not having the same sort of steamy interludes that Lucy and Nicholas had. Of course, it's obvious theirs has been simmering a while, whereas Solange and Kieran are only just getting started.

Lucy has earned a place in my heart - she's wickedly funny and strong. I had many laugh out loud moments thanks to her, especially in her dealings with the Drake brothers. She may be human but that does not make her weak, and I love that she's willing to prove it, no matter the situation she's in. I do hope she appears in future books, though I'm sad to think they'll more than likely not be from her point of view again. Though I look forward to experiencing the story from the Drake brother's point of views - I'm a little disappointed that Nicholas didn't get a couple of chapters of his own. I would've enjoyed a deeper insight to him and his thoughts - especially in regards to Lucy! I could just imagine, and it makes me giggle even now!

Harvey has created an interesting vampire society that I look forward to learning more about. Heart's at Stake is only the first in what looks to be many books about the Drake family. I like that they don't appear to be huge and as such, not overly epic - the plot kept moving, there was never a moment that dragged for me. While yes, the book isn't completely unpredictable, it mostly made for a light read, which isn't common, especially in terms of some of the paranormal novels available recently - that I've got on my shelves, at least! Truthfully, Harvey's series reminds me of romance books I read as a teenager - where each book relates the story of another member of the family falling in love, but keeps the characters connected through their family going-ons. Her world of vampires (and vampire hunters) definitely makes for intriguing going-ons!

What can I say? I can't decide if I have a favourite Drake brother, and the prospect of a book for each of them is one I'm excited for! I wonder if I'll end up with a favourite?



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