Monday, January 31, 2011

Potter-Thon Wrap Up

January draws to a close here in Australia, and as such, so too does Pure Imagination's January 2011 Potter-Thon.

I had hoped to re-read the entire series, but unfortunately did not make my goal. However, I did re-read the first three (reviews here) and am actually reading the fourth, Goblet of Fire, as I write this. In fact, I plan to keep going until I have re-read the whole series, and will continue to post my thoughts here as I do. I'm even thinking a weekend long movie marathon of the first six movies! We'll see about that though...

I've really enjoyed taking part in this challenge - these books are absolutely my favourite series! Many thanks to Lori at Pure Imagination for hosting! I hope everyone has enjoyed re-reading along with us, or reading them for the very first time!


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