Saturday, May 15, 2010

Review: Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore

Nimira's life takes an unexpected turn when she's hired by the mysterious Mr Hollin Parry to accompany an exquisite piano-playing automaton. But Nimira's happiness is short-lived. She soon discovers that the spirit of a handsome young fairy gentleman is trapped inside the machine's stiff limbs. As they gradually fall in love, they become enmeshed in a plot to save the fairy realm from a ruthless gang of sorcerers - a battle that risks their very lives.

I was deperate to read this book! A couple of months ago I put an order through the Book Depository for a whopping huge amount of books, and this was one of the first I just had to read when it arrived. It's been a while now, and I still think fondly of it.

I had read mixed reviews, and of course there was the cover fiasco (and quite rightly!!), so I was unsure going in, but it just sounded so beautiful - and it was! I was pulled in from the first page, and didn't stop until I'd finished. This is the kind of book that leaves me sighing. Gorgeous descriptions, wonderful characters, a romantic love story. I feel like sighing again!

Nimira is a strong character, and I liked that she never gave up. Her world was turned upside down, but still she fights. I felt for her, especially as she faced making a choice about her feelings. I truly liked Hollis, he had such innocence about him, so of course her choice was hard. And Erris, the fairy trapped in the automaton. I adored him from the start, it's true. Jaclyn Dolamore really brought him to life, even when he could only talk through the piano keys!

The story is well paced, and I was desperate to put it all together. The scenes between Erris and Nimira are heartfelt and made me feel like a schoolgirl with her first crush! I never felt like it was too quick, but just right. And the scene, finally, in the garden. Oh, here comes another sigh! Certainly there were some light moments, but where there's light there is dark, and it was so well done there were times I was biting my lip in anticipation and worry! The magic throughout the novel sometimes had me wanting to take cover it felt so real!

I've said it before, but it's the characters that make a story for me, and Dolamore has them. Linza, Nimira's maid, is loyal and funny, and both Smolling and Rashten annoyed and creeped me out, equally. Smolling is a true villain, the man gave me goosebumps. And finally, Annalie - she is wild, and I so look forward to more of her!

I look forward to more all round! I can only begin to imagine the journey Nimira is on, and I can't wait for the next part. Magic Under Glass is a beautiful and breathless read, truly enjoyable.


I know there was a real stir over the covers of this book, and I see why. They're certainly not a true representation of Nimira. I have yet to see the new cover, but this is the one I have, and it is still very pretty. I'm a little taken with it!


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