Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So as the subject says, I've been tinkering, only a little, with my blog. I have a rating system, with cute little owls! I don't really know why I've decided to go with owls, except that they're cute. I was thinking little cartoon hobbits as a rating system, but just couldn't find the right picture. So owls it is!

Now to actually start reviewing and updating more regularly. I promise it's not that I'm slack (which I certainly can be!), but so far 2010 has just been crazy hectic. I'm acting manager at my library this year, and it's like I've not stepped into another role but taken on an extra role. I am enjoying it, however, and I'm determined to maintain the extra hours so I can keep teen activities and our anime club, etc, running. But add in study and my own personal pursuits (I will never ever ever give up reading!), it's somewhat exhausting. I do so look forward to really getting this blog up and running though. I've taken to carrying around a note book that I jot notes about the books I've been reading in when I have a spare also has owls. Which is so obviously a sign. I will get there, I know it!


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